Amanda Busick

Amanda has been in the field of beauty since 2015. Amanda has not only been certified as a Royal Artist with PhiAcademy, but also as a Phicontour and Softap artist, among several other qualifications.

Amanda is very passionate about beauty, gearing her passion towards cancer survivors who have experienced a complete loss of their eyebrows. Amanda absolutely loves what she does and the quality of her work is reflected in the fact that clients travel to see her from all different parts of the state of Ohio and some even from outside the state.

Amanda has an uncanny ability to tell what is needed for your eyebrows to look rich, healthy and flawless. When it comes to microblading, she knows what she needs to do to deliver just the right strokes, leaving your brows looking natural and beautiful. Amanda always loves to consult with her clients, asking them what they believe they need in order to look perfect.

If you are looking for microblading and related services, then Amanda’s gifted hands will most certainly deliver the gorgeous brows you desire.